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Beautiful Sample Rsvp Response how to rsvp with sample rsvp notes wikihow how to rsvp rsvp es from the french phrase "répondez s il vous plaît " which in english translates to "please reply " when invited to a social event it is proper etiquette to respond promptly politely and via the same way one has i sample rsvp e mail responses for accepting or declining sample rsvp e mail response 1 responding to an informal invitation dear eric larry and i are happy to accept your invitation to apple’s luncheon as well as the final dinner for directors wedding rsvp cards response cards the “rsvp” on your wedding rsvp cards stands for “répondez s’il vous plaît ” which is french for “please reply ” if you’re confused about more than just the name of your wedding response cards we’ll help guide you through the essentials of rsvp card etiquette hi i want to know how to answer to this request i dearest uncle their name i was delighted when i saw that you have requested me to visit with you unfortunately due to my class and work schedule i will not be able to visit during the time you have suggested response cards with menu choices wording basic invite adding meal options to your response cards is a great way to ac modate you guests preferences in an orderly fashion from entrée options to tary requests you can add your own personal touch by changing the rsvp card wording and color of each design for no additional fee Sample Rsvp Response